SDVoE = Software Defined Video over Ethernet ...which means?

In short - very high quality AV (e.g. uncompressed 4K) routed over a high spec network (e.g. 10Gb network switch), configured with a software interface.

SDVoE is an up-and-coming protocol / aspiring standard for AV over IP/ Ethernet that we may start to see more of, as manufacturers of video signal transmission and processing hardware adopt this standard in their new technology.

sdvoe-the-matrix-transformed blank.png
An example of an SDVoE-based AV network, with high quality video distribution

Advantages of SDVoE AV over IP / network:

  • Very high quality video and audio
  • Low latency source switching - change sources almost instantaneously
  • Flexible multi-view / Picture-in-Picture or videowall processing, without a dedicated hardware multi-viewer or videowall processor installed in the signal chain
  • Interoperability between devices from different manufacturers
  • No need for an expensive centralised video matrix switcher

SDVoE Hardware

Devices appearing on the market in 2022 that support the SDVoE standard include video encoders, decoders, extenders for USB and HDMI, video processors, other display and broadcast kit.

The interoperability of different manufacturer devices is marketed as a big advantage e.g. sending a signal from a ZeeVee encoder to a Blustream decoder, controlled by a Datapath processor, all on the same network.

Matrix switching, videowall mapping, powerful multi-view and PiP (picture in picture) are possible without the dedicated hardware processors that would have been required previously. All of the video processing can be configured / controlled over the network.

The SDVoE Alliance demonstrating the power of the protocol at ISE 2022. Key manufacturers who are part of the SDVoE Alliance include Netgear, Christie and ZeeVee.
A 10Gb Netgear switch used to facilitate the SDVoE demo network at ISE 2022.

Game-changing AV over IP networks

SDVoE systems are already making their mark in AV-over-IP integrations.

Read about an SDVoE system at the European Parliament with over 1000 endpoints, facilitating simplified and seamless switching for numerous interpreters working to translate speakers during large-scale parliamentary session.

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