"A contemporary room management system that features an intuitively understandable and quickly recognisable display" - German Design Jury Statement

Since 2010 Evoko have been a leader in room scheduling and management solutions, launching the market's original touch-screen panel interface; the widely successful Evoko Room Manager.  The Sleek Swedish design set a new style standard in meeting room solutions; and because it was so easy and initiative to use, it proved a huge hit with many of our clients over the last 5 years. 

Room Manager was superseded in 2016 when Evoko released their next generation room booking system, the Evoko Liso. Much like its predecessor the Liso has already been awarded a litany of design awards, including the prestigious ‘GOOD DESIGN’, ‘RedDot’ and ‘German Design Award’. Of course, the Liso delivers the key benefits of a room booking system that you'd expect to find; No more double bookings, no more confusion over who was booked into a room, and clear indication of how long until the next booking for the room. But there are many other features of the Liso which make it stand out from the competition. 

Physically, the Liso commands very little wall space (200mmx200mmx25mm) and out of the box has the adaptability to be wall or glass mounted to suit any office environment; it also boasts 5 cable routing directions giving installers more options for a clean and tidy cable run.

Evoko Liso side by side

Despite its compact size the panel remains eye-catching. The striking green and red 'light aura' acts as a visual aid that allows users to see at a glance, and from some distance,  whether the room is vacant or not; when the status of the room changes Liso will automatically update the rooms status to all employees at their PCs, smart-phones or tablets with their normal work calendar, eliminating the need for more plug-ins or additional software to learn. The Liso, like the Evoko Room Manager before it, syncs seamlessly and easily with most email systems, and allows users to just book the room via their Outlook calendar in the same incredibly simple way as booking any other resource.

Whether the meeting room is available or not, a proximity sensor on the panel activates the screen when approached, displaying all key information about the rooms availability over the following 12 hours. This is presented on a the 8” touch screen display.

Navigation through the panel is straight forward, and it also on the spot booking via any panel in the system for any meeting room. 

Evoko Liso Room Management Front Panel  Schedule

Evoko Liso allows users to quickly:

  • Extend meeting lengths
  • Finish meetings early through the ‘Release Room’ function
  • Report damaged equipment
  • Individually ‘Check in’ to the meeting via PIN verification or NFC
  • Restrict access for certain rooms or groups

Having delivered the excellent, industry-leading Evoko Room Manager into many meeting room and corporate office environments, with unanimous approval from our clients, Crossover are already finding that this latest iteration is proving as popular, and a key piece of functionality the the rest of the AV environments being delivered by our teams. We're always keen to find the best ways to make the modern office a smarter, more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing place to work.