For anyone interested in design for restaurants, bars and hotels the Restaurant Design Show 2016, held on 27/28th September at the ExCel Centre,  London, should provide a wealth of useful information. The event is free to attend, providing access to 50+ educational seminars by expert speakers, and exhibits from over 120 cherry-picked suppliers from across the globe. 

Of particular interest for Crossover, from an AV perspective, are the following talks:

Seminar Theatre 10, Tuesday 27th and 28th September 

High noise levels are the enemy within your restaurant. How and why you should deal with it. Explanation of the reasons why some restaurants and coffee shops are so noisy, the effect it has on your customers and staff and how it can be effectively treated to make a visit to your restaurant a more pleasurable experience.

Seminar Theatre 10, Tuesday 27th September only

The importance of acoustics in restaurant design. Acoustic in restaurants is becoming an increasingly important topic. In many ways it affects our perception of a space and also our appreciation of food. We will see why acoustic is important, what is its role in the experience of the restaurant. We will look at specific ways of dealing with acoustic and consider how it can be an intrinsic part of the design.

Oblix The Shard