Hello, and welcome to the new News and Views section, and to the new Crossover website as a whole!

The new site itself has been a product of close collaboration between various members of the Crossover team, digital solutions specialists Make More, and design house Francis Redman.

This News and Views section will be used to keep visitors abreast of the fast-moving world of audio and audiovisual systems. For obvious reasons, we'll mainly covering matters that are relevant to organisations rather than the installation of AV into residential properties. 

Our perpetually curious team of AV consultants, systems designers, technicians and engineers are often circulating information and news internally, and we’ll be hand-picking content from this to ensure that what ends up on the News and Views section is of interest to our clients and potential customers. But fear not, this section won't be filled with articles about AV product releases that are only of interest to audiovisual geeks like us who are submerged day-in, day-out with AV tech! Instead we'll be keeping the focus firmly on coverage of developments, products and trends that will be of interest to architects, facilities managers, specifiers, those responsible for hotel conference suites, IT managers, bar & restaurant owners, interior designers, nightclub owners, office space planners… the list is long, but in essence covers all the sorts of organisations for which Crossover works. 

We’ll be writing about everything from a single new AV product that we can envisage being of use to you, through to full length reports on technology shows or AV exhibitions. We’ll also be blogging about the latest technological innovations and the audio and AV design considerations of the types of spaces in which we work (hotels, offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, bars, showrooms, auditoria etc.). We will also cover the breaking audio and AV technology trends that we feel are currently (or will soon be) of particular importance or interest. We already do the work to stay abreast of the fast changing landscape of AV in the commercial sector, and we know that sharing key observations will hopefully deliver a lot of benefit for you. 

We really hope you enjoy reading the entries that are already in this section, and that you will return regularly. Please feel free to get in touch with any comments, or if you’d like us to cover a specific subject. Of course, there’s more information about what Crossover can do for you on throughout the rest of our new website too. 

To talk about anything audio or AV, please do get in touch!

The Crossover Team