Offices and Boardrooms

Audio Visual Specialists in London, Delivering Office and Boardroom AV and Projector Installation

Crossover specialises in designing and installing audio and audiovisual systems in corporate environments. We offer the expertise and services to help you implement solutions that enable innovative, more flexible ways of working. Whether you are interested in video conferencing systems, projection systems (including ceiling or wall-mounted projectors and a wide array of projection screens), video walls, digital signage or Smart interactive whiteboard systems (’SMART boards’), we help you exploit technology to create workplaces that improve the presentation of business information, increase business efficiency and cut costs.

Above all, we understand that in order for our audiovisual systems to increase the efficiency of your workforce, it is imperative that they are reliable, and easy to use. Well-planned systems implemented with meticulous attention to detail, rigorous testing by our technicians, and comprehensive end-user training ensure that this is the case in every one of our projects.

Your brief, our design

Whether you require a fully-integrated, ‘best in class’ audiovisual solution to seamlessly link a network of boardrooms across the globe using the latest video conferencing system from marktet leaders such as Polycom, or the simplest of systems to enable wireless high-definition presentations in a single meeting room, we will deliver results that exactly match your requirements, your priorities and your budget.

Make the best of your space

Where applicable, we will design your system to fully integrate with your existing AV and IT infrastructure. We are also experienced in designing and installing flexible, modular audiovisual systems that allow boardrooms and meeting rooms to be easily configured to be used in many different ways.

Open plan offices & acoustics

Whilst open-plan office configurations enable quick and easy communication and teamworking, they also result in a much higher level of distractions than are found in cellular office spaces. Unwanted noise is the most common source of annoyance in today’s offices, and it can often lead to increased stress for occupants.

A recent academic study found a 66% overall decline in task performance levels in noisy office conditions. Crossover specialises in designing and implementing holistic, cost efficient solutions to alleviate these distractions, through the use of active sound masking systems and passive acoustic treatment techniques.

Contact Crossover today for all your AV office and boardroom needs - we offer the complete audio visual solution from design of AV systems to their installation, maintenance and support. For everything from integrated projector systems (wall or ceiling mounted projectors and front or rear projection screens) to video walls and digital signage; from SMART Board solutions to Polycom video conferencing systems.

Offices and Boardrooms

Popular AV functionality for
offices & boardrooms



  • Video/audio conferencing solutions
  • Wireless presentation systems
  • Plasma & LCD flatscreen displays
  • Projector Systems & motorised screens
  • Ceiling mounted projectors
  • Rear projector screens
  • ‘Smart’ whiteboard systems
  • Media Walls

Control systems

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