At Barry's Bootcamp music plays a key role in creating a fun, positive atmosphere for working out. 

Crossover designed and installed the audio systems in both London outposts of the growing worldwide class-based gym franchise. In each case, the systems were designed to offer nightclub-style levels of volume and quality, very intelligible instructor vocals, and to be easily controlled by the instructor during the session. Having delivered their Euston site, they were so impressed (especially as the results were even better than their US flagship gyms), that they asked us to deliver their 2nd site at Finsbury Square when they went on to open it in 2015.

Crossover delivered a thumping high-quality audio systems with nightclub-style levels of volume for the main gym spaces, including sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to make sure the instructors are heard loud and clear over the wireless microphone systems.  

Crossover also supplied and installed ancillary audio systems for the reception and changing rooms of these modern fitness facilities. Should anything go wrong, Crossover's AV technicians are right there on hand to provide service and maintenance, keeping the adrenaline rushing and the calories burning. 

Barrys Boot camp